Well hi there.

It only took…I want to say eight years, but I finally did it. I did what everyone’s been bugging me to do since middle school and I started a blog. I’m still not quite sure why — I have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said in some capacity or another, and anyway I’m pretty sure blogs stopped being popular ages ago. But I don’t care. I’ve got stuff to say, and after much thinking I’ve come to the conclusion that a blog is the best place to say it. The only other online identity I have is a Facebook page, and Facebook, for all its worth, doesn’t have one thing: it doesn’t have an atmosphere very conductive to serious conversation (or, y’know, thoughts lasting longer than 420 characters).

I’m not saying everything here will be profound essays packed with Deep Thoughts. I don’t know if I could even dig up any Deep Thoughts to share if I wanted to. But since starting college, and I have been thinking about more “serious” topics such as religion and theology and morality and humanity and livelihoods and relationships and whatnot. I want to get those thoughts out of my head and into my friends’ and learn what they think about things too. The essays I’m writing for my (insane) load of literature and religion classes get me writing and thinking plenty, but not always about the things I want to write and think about. So I’ll be doing that here. And I’d be delighted if you join me.

I will warn you, I guess, if warning’s the right word: there will probably wind up being a lot of posts about the “serious” topics mentioned above. Or there might not. I don’t know yet. This thing is supposed to be for fun, right? So yeah, I’ll write whatever I want, once I know what that is. And, of course, those of you looking for silliness and personal updates should go straight back to my Facebook page. I promise my offerings will be just as witty but much more lighthearted there.

And I have no idea if there is proper blog etiquette is for requesting comments, but if you read something on here you like, please respond to it! If my thoughts are interesting to you, there’s a good chance your thoughts will be interesting to me. You may not know this, but I find you very interesting. So let’s talk.


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